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About Us

GreenCraft Builders L.L.C. is the culmination of more than 40 years of experience building and remodeling homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Since 2006, Chris Miles, principal of GreenCraft, has been recognized as a leader in the North Texas high performance building industry, first as a producer and project manager, and now as a builder with his company, GreenCraft Builders L.L.C.

Along with ownership of a GreenCraft home, comes the assurance that the homeowners are benefiting from Chris Miles’ expertise, knowledge and skills. Miles works with the homeowners to make sure that each new GreenCraft home is custom-designed and built utilizing the most advanced building science techniques. Each new GreenCraft home features the latest products designed to ensure energy efficiency, sustainability and a healthy living environment. Our belief…recycle, reuse, and reclaim!

Let GreenCraft Builders help you achieve your ideal ultra efficient living environment.

Services include:

  • New Home Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Building Science Consultation


Recent & Current Green Building Projects:

  • College Street Craftsman – In progress
  • Cedar Hill House – Energy Star
  • The Argyle House – Energy Star
  • The Connolly Residence LEED-H Gold
  • The Timbercreek Zero Energy House (2009 Sunbelt Builders Show Tour Home):  The TimberCreek Zero Energy House is a 2500 square foot “net-zero” home that will actually produce as much electricity as it consumes on an annual basis. We are excited to announce that this house was another demonstration project for the “Building America” program in partnership with Building Science Consortium. After completion of the home it continued to be monitored by Building Science for a period of one year to measure its performance. Certifications for this home include LEED-H Platinum, NAHB Green, Green Built Texas and Energy Star.  National EVHA Gold Award Winning Home
  • The Melby House Certified LEED-H Gold
  • Colleyville Eco House (2008 Sunbelt Builders Show Tour Home)(NAHB National Green Tour home): The Colleyville Eco House is another “Building America” project in partnership with Building Science Consortium. Certifications for this home included USGBC LEED-H Platinum, NAHB Green – Gold, Green Built North Texas and Energy Star. We achieved a HERS score of 34 on this 4800 sq ft home and anticipate the average heating and cooling bills to be $150 per month.  National EVHA Silver Award Winning Home
  • Greenspoint HouseLEED-H Gold (Projected)
  • Hidden Valley Airpark House – Certified LEED-H Platinum
  • Bannister High Performance House: This is a 2385 sq. ft. demonstration project for the US Department of Energy’s “Building America” program to encourage homeowners and builders to live and build in a more fiscally and environmentally sensible manner. This home was also the educational tour home for the 2007 Sunbelt Builders Show. Additional certifications include: USGBC LEED-H Platinum and Dallas HBA Green Built North Texas. This home was monitored by the Building America program to measure its performance for a year and has had an average heating and cooling bill of $40 per month to date.
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